Bike trip to Ooty, Kodai

In this post I will pen down our overall experience of this bike trip with a hope it will help fellow bikers who plan to do this trip sometime in future.

It was Mar 25th, 2016 and it was a long weekend of 3 days, me and couple of friends wanted to make a good use of it. With the temperature soaring in Bangalore, we decided to ride to hill stations and decided with Ooty, Kodai. Plan was to follow the route Bangalore -> Ooty -> Conoor -> Kodaikanal -> Bangalore. So here it goes.

Day 1


That’s my Gixxer! I started off at 4AM from Whitefield. We 3 friends met together at Magadi and continued to Mysore.


Had a wonderful breakfast at Hotel Mylari at Mysore. This is definitely worth a mention.


From Mysore, we headed towards Ooty. Target was to reach Ooty for lunch, book a lodge and have some time to roam around some places in Ooty.

The road between Marase to Gudlupet was under construction, so there was too much dust because of the heavy vehicles and this really slowed us down. This might be like this for another 5-6 months I belive. So if you are heading to Ooty in this period, I would recommend taking some alternate route.

Roads in the Bandipur Wildlife resorvior are well maintained, but too many road bumps is a turn off.


Then comes a ghat section stretch to reach Ooty. This is well maintained and it was a bliss to ride.


We reached Ooty at around 1PM; luckily we managed to get a room for 1500Rs with 3 beds at a lodge called Shiva’s Inn, which happens to be right opposite to Ooty railway station.

Later that day, after the lunch we relaxed a bit and then decide to head towards Avalanche. Google suggested there were 2 lake view points; Emerald and Avalanche lakes. On reaching Avalanche, we were disappointed to know it is closed after 4.30PM! Then we head to Emerald lake.P1090922.JPG



Below is a shot from a view point on way back to Ooty. Roads to these places are excellent it is highly recommended to take this ride to Avalanche.


After returning to Ooty, we did some shopping for home made chocolate then returned back to lodge and relaxed.

Day 2

Next day we started at around 7AM and head towards Doddabetta. Again excellent roads leading to Doddabetta and we reached our destination in less than 30 mins. But here again we were disappointed to find entrance to Doddabetta opens only after 8.30AM. We did have much time to spend in Ooty, so we headed back.

On the way back we visited the Tea factory. Now let me tell you the funda with this tea factory, they say parking free, entry free, they also hand over some discount coupon during entry, free tea samples, all to know you will finally end up in their shop where they sell you tea. We soon returned to Ooty.




Next stop was Conoor, it is around 30kms from Ooty. We managed to squeeze in 2 places in Conoor before heading to Kodai, that was Lamb’s rock and Dolphin’s Nose. Out of these 2, Lamb’s rock is just a normal view point (nothing lamb about that) and Dolphin’s Nose is just a waste of time! Also the roads leading to these 2 places are very congested and during peak time this road will be traffic jammed.




From there we started our long journey to Kodaikanal. It was around 230kms journey. On the way I was able to capture some delightful moments.




We reached Palani at around 8 and we still had the cover 65kms with one of the toughest ghat section. Below is the route to give you an idea.


We managed to reach Kodai at around 9.30PM and we had our lodge booked at Hotel Springvalley for 1100Rs.

Day 3

This was going to be the toughest day of all. We started off at 8AM. We first visited the Kodaikanal lake, which was very calming.


Later we head to Coaker’s walk.


From there we head to Dolphin’s Nose. Yes, there’s a Dolphin’s nose point here too. You will have to trek for around 30 mins to reach this point, from Dolphin’s nose you can further reach Echo point.



The trio 🙂


After climbing back up for another 45 mins, we next head to Pillar’s rock.



Yes, needed a lot of energy drinks!

From Pillar’s rock, we rode back to Kodai, had our lunch and began the return journey. It was around 1.30PM we started from Kodai and we had to cover ~480kms to reach Bangalore via the Salem route.

The return journey was a bit treacherous, mainly because of high temperature’s during summer. We had to continuously hydrate ourselves with tender coconut and energy drinks.

Finally we reached Bangalore around 11.00PM and that was earlier than we had expected actually. Below is the route we followed.


Hope you enjoyed this post! Thank you for reading.



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